The Humble Request of an Unknown Nigerian Student

Yesterday  I got an email from this random email address requesting I publish his “ public request” on my blog asap.  You remember some weeks ago i advertised a vacancy for contributors to , promising to publish the best three (3) applicants.

Below is the post he’s reacting to and the requested we published asap. It took me all night to make moderations to this blog post before re-posting. Have a good read, I think he wants some answers.

“It’s  not about who will be in or who will be out. It’s about the people who put ISEC commissioners.  I rarely tell who’s really in charge.

We believe they’ve been fair so far, so I suggest we request to know the true reasons when an aspirant of a student political office is disqualified.

 Perhapes we understand better if sadly it happens (again).

We poor Nigerian students deserves the right to know the actual reasons behind disqualification of aspirant that gets screened out. 

Personally i believe that evidence of the reasons an aspirant is being screened out should be made public to further show transperacy.

I believe also that Nigerian students have always been guided right and taught good virtues by our sound Lecturers.

The lectures we receive aren’t bad. They’re  scientifically and technologically verifiable and sound.

Our classes have always been interesting and less frustrating. 

We appreciate all these.

Because we’ll be found worthy in character and learning.

We pray you don’t only teach us to be professionals, but show us good examples of how to be transparent and reliable  professional…- Unknown Nigerian Student.



Achievemphobia (The Fear of success)

You’ll agree that we are all scared of something and we also know that the only aim of fear is to stop us from achieving and actualizing goals.  Do you think we have reasons to be scared? Yes of course. But i suggest we see fear as a huddle we must cross to attain higher heights.  

Often we slow down the pace at which we strive, for reasons we might not be aware of. Perhaps we fear the outcome of our success or we fear who we will become when we succeed, or maybe because we fear we may feel uncomfortable at the top or we might not be able to fit in with our friends and family. Subconsciously or otherwise,  a majority fear success and this fear is refferred to as ACHIEVEMEPHOBIA.  “The fear of success” is also regarded as the “Jonah complex”, it got it’s name from a character in the bible; Jonah son of Amittai who who was sent by God to prophesy the destruction of Nineveh but tried to evade the divine mission. 

With the help of my team, I’ve been able to pull some stunts. A year ago, we were able to establish of a fitness club in my school “TeamOfUs Fitness Cluband coincidentally today 7th of August, 2018 marks her one year Anniversary. We had our fears and were uncertain but here we are celebrating its one year Anniversary. To remain productive,  we must not sit around postponing new tasks and dwelling on past glory. Accomplishing new tasks must be seen as a way of life and not a destination. 

Some signs that suggest fear of success:

› Laziness and low spirit to finish already started out projects

› Disregarding the idea of setting goals. 

› Easily forgetting deadlines and not keeping to time. 

› Second guessing and doubting yourself. 

› Procrastination

› Doing jobs you’ve outgrown, taking projects and opportunities only within your comfort zone. 

› Sabotaging yourself when you’re at the brink of success. (Making excuses, avoiding responsibilities, drug abuse…)

The value of a one thousand naira (#1000) is in the hands of the bearer i must say. Just like we act differently towards situations, in the same way we’ll handle businesses differently and don’t forget their are consequences to every action. Some persons fail out of fear, even when equal opportunities and encouragement is offered to them and their contemporaries. You remember the servant in the bible that buried the talent given to him by his master,  whilst other servants invested and made profit out of theirs. His reasons being that he feared his master and felt he could never do well in his sight. Of course he was punished for that wicked act. No, nobody likes to fail unless their “fear of success” is greater than their “fear of failure”. To conquer any form of fear, we must learn not to fear loosing out but see it as a lesson and worthy experience. 

Marianne Williamson once wrote:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others”

We are powerful beyond measure” Why fear our own power, when it can be uses to our advantage. 

Knowing how much the world needs productive people, if we continue to thinking lowly of ourselves we might end up failing inwardly before we even get a chance to show our Limitless selves to the world. There are no limits to what the human mind can achieve, but first you have to bolden up then put your mind to a test. 

Sometimes, the reason we make average results isn’t because we lack understanding but because we make late preparations and let procrastination gain the greater part of us..

There are lazy days, but everyday is a lazy day only for a lazy persons. Flee from friends who don’t encourage you or share in your passion,  some supposed friends can’t handle it when you try to take on tasks they failed at or considered difficult. Don’t get too attached or let yourself get emotionly stranded while hoping everybody will support you, be ready to walk in the storm alone and be ready to come out well. 

Deeds are far valued than intentions, so just like the 2008-2009 Rotary International theme,  “make dreams real“. 

Tip on how to overcome the fear of success:

– You must expel every form of negative thoughts and second guessing (“can i do this?” “Do i have what it takes?”. “oh,  i can never be better”. “But Mr A does it best”. “who am i to do better”) be your best critic but never fail encourage yourself. Think about situations that disapprove your fear, (“I’m a winner” “I can do this” “it is safe to win”).  No matter what the situation is, remain positive in your thinking. 

– Casting your mind back to the achievements you’ve made in the pasts, regardless of how big little it may seem could be all you need to fire up and get back on track. Listing them could further serve as a reminder that you can do whatever you put your mind to. 

– Putting down how you feel on black and white will help you gain clearer understanding of your fear and also handle it. Journaling has proven to be a good means to expurgate innermost feelings and thoughts; (“what I’m i supposed to be doing?” “How do i deal with my fear” “how much have I done and how much more do i need to do”). Gradually you will feel less anxiety and unshackle your mind from the grip fear. 

– Take advantage of opportunities, but be sure not to put all your fingers in your mouth at the same time. Taking on more tasks than you can accomplish at a time could scare you from completing even one out many. It is in your place to create a balance to your life. People’s mindsets are the causes of burnout not success.

– If your Achievemphobia is threatened by making changes, then it’s time to start taking baby steps towards making changes and beung comfortable with it: You could start from changing your approach towards people and things, the way you dress, going to a different Restaurant for your meals etc.. Getting too accustomed to a particular way could sometimes scare you from wanting to make changes. 

– Understand self-sabotage and how destructive it could be while trying to overcome your fear of success. Be where you need to be, when you need to be. Keep to your schedules especially when you have appointments as important as, job interviews, scheduled gatherings, distract yourself from objects and activities that doesn’t support your current goal. 

– Think of Success as a journey and not a destination, life could be good today and bad the next day but it doesn’t mean it’s the end. We must continue to strive everyday,  aiming to win of course but when things don’t work the way we planned be sure to learn the lessons but also be consoled that more opportunities would come. 

Give up your fears, you can never fly if you are too scared to jump. Soar and make sure nothing stops you.


Lies (A Generation Conquered by Lies?)

If the truth seem expensive where you come from, you might want to checkout the price tag for being at PEACE…- Okere Franklin O.

Lies begetting more lies. A fool, fooled all again. Trust, broken. Hearts shattered in pieces and that’s how it goes on and on until the beauty and innocence of our conscience is lost completely.

During my childhood days, I remember reciting these words: “a liar is a thief and a thief is a liar”. As a child our parents never failed to make anyone who told lies recite those lines. It had its own way of shaming and pricking consciences even without being flogged (it was a sort of punishment).

I noticed that quite a number of lies are told out of fear, to cover up shame and let downs, inferiority complex, to escape punishment, to deceive etc..

Dear Mindtalkative, the truth can NEVER be complicated. If tomorrow comes, words may change depending on who tells the story, but the truth in the story remains the truth. Speaking the truth no matter how heavy it weighs in your mouth, at least for the love of God and obedience for the 4th of the 10 Commandments.

I’m no saint but on very frequent occasions, it has preserved my friendship from heading for chaos and embarrassment.

A liar may never be believed even when he tells the truth. I guess you know the story of “The boy who cried wolf” a story by Aesop


If you value what you do, tell the truth.
Because you respect your partner and your relationship, you’d realise that every truth you tell is worth more than your fear and shame. Summon courage, tell the truth. Even when man refuses to forgive you, I’m very sure God understands and will definitely forgive.

Have mercy on this tender and fragile heart of mine, for each lie you tell breaks it. Because i understand each lie you fought not to tell and i respect that.

If you can not tell the truth, choose not to speak at all. Most times, Silence when caught in lies screams out the word REMORSEFUL!!!.

For we are Christ like and every attempt we make is to be like him. His worst lie can NEVER match our very best truth, but we yearn to be like him. We must raise again each time we fall short of his grace.

When your salary is the only reason you work and you find no joy doing your job but you have to stick around doing the zombie routine for 25 working days because you want the monthly pay paycheck but deep down somewhere, you know the truth is that you aren’t adding value, which is the utmost reason you were employed. What if a life is lost or huge amount of money gets missing under your watch?  Well, tell yourself the bitter truth so it doesn’t turn out that sour.
Lot of marriages are long dead because of the falsehood built around them. No matter how tempting the marriage offer is, please work on yourself first.

Apart from being in a state of grace, one of the reasons the Catholic Church, requires it’s faithfuls to attend confessions is to help them recognise and admit their sins. This exercise keeps the conscience working and in check.

I don’t mean to tell you what to do, but there’s need to cut down on the lies.

A good relationship is worth every truth.


​Paths! (What path have you chosen? Where does it lead?)

I won’t bore you with description of the path i have chosen, rather i have writen about the beauty in paving your own path, navigating and pursuing the course of the path you’ve chosen.
The importance of paths! was emphasised in Joshua 24:15: “And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD”

Pointing out just one word from the Bible verse “choose” that isn’t just a word,  it is a free-will to make your own choice, and woe betide you that upon having the privilege to choose a path to follow you end up making a duplicate of someone else’s path,  without any single difference from the original. 

In the scriptures, psalmist went ahead to pen down “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” (Psalm 119:105). Do not scare, you have the privilege to choose! Just CHOOSE my dear friend. 

Trust me,  it never gets boring doing your own thing,  your own way and obviously the right thing. You have all the power you need,  you have all the confidence you’ll ever need because we were promised. Feel free,  change your step to your actual step. Feel free to choose your own genre of song.  Feel free to identify with eba, amala or fufu if it’s your favourite meal, Aahah!  jellof rice can not be everybody’s choice. Feel free choose your favourite colours (to the young ladies not pink colour because other young girls think pink cool). Do not misunderstand me,  there’s nothing wrong with following trends  but BE CAREFUL when you follow the masses,  sometimes the “M” could be silent. Have your own reason, especially if coincidentally your choice is same as someone else’s choice. 

I have chosen a path, a path not to derail from, a path that when i encounter a problem, i don’t give up because i chose my path and i am the solution.

I pray to exhaust every trait of uniqueness in me and never have my identity mistaken because i did it my own way and the way it pleases the lord! These are my prayers for you too. 😊
While you right your decisions, 
Follow confidently the path you created,  life is ‘Eazi’ when you do things your own way and still amount to a far-out result.
Have a great weekend! 


A Greener Nigeria (A Beautiful Nigeria)

Bury this very flesh of mine in my father’s Land. A land my fathers fought never to give up. A land I can never be a stranger to. A land my children will acknowledge as their git-go.. A land I am willing to make better together with other well meaning citizens… I will NOT have an OKERE become a slave, lost or discriminated against in another man’s country. As a kid I remember reading the novel “Home is home” and it’s lessons I can not forget in a jiffy.

I appreciate the technologies the white man brought, which has made life easier and safer but Rome was not built in a day.

One of the reasons I celebrate our heros past isn’t because of how hard they fought for our common good but to make sure their legacies aren’t forgotten in decades to come.

May the struggle of Heros like General Ojukwu not be in vain, haven been thrown into prison in 1944 at the age of thirteen because he assaulted a white teacher who maltreated a black woman.

May i never forget where I come from, Because life got better.
May I never throw away the good cultures and virtues of my people, because I enjoy the privileges of the western technology, it’s like selling my birthright for a plate of porridge.

It has never been better anywhere, there are bad people amongst us what and it’s our duty to help people change the way they think. Putting them in prison isn’t the best thing to and may never change them and that is where our government has failed, because she focuses on apprehending offenders of the law rather than making our economy better and providing jobs that would keep crimes away from their minds, how about how about facilitating rehabilitation centres and all.

No matter what come may, i will stand toe to toe for a better tomorrow, even if my impact isn’t much felt but at least I tried. We are responsible for cleaning up our own mess, we must become responsible.

We have sacrificed a lot for the Westerners starting from having our fathers in chain on ships and not knowing their fate but guess what, we still run to them for refuge, when we can make home home worthy. It’s time to build and run.

Being BLACK is my identity, i’m never wrong because I was born in a black skin. For I respect every man, women, and children that walks on the surface of the earth, regardless of the colour of their skin and where they hail from. The souls of our fore Fathers will never be at peace if we are subdued and kept shut by little benefit from the whiteman or because we refused to become better as a people. Believe you me, they would never have stopped fighting to make us great, if most of them were alive and strong.

White men aren’t gods and must first respect our beliefs before we can choose to borrow their cultures and beliefs.

If Britain can, so Can Nigeria.
If America is Great, Nigeria can be Greater.

I am OKERE Franklin Olisemeka
I am an Original BLACK man
I am the CHANGE I yearn for.


Little Beginnings (Who told you females don’t hustle?)

​​​CC: Uwakwe Martin Mundus.

I decided to fix up a business with little or nothing as capital base in the environs of Federal University Of Technology Owerri, IMO state Nigeria. A citadel I’m currently an undergraduate of.
My manager and I went ahead to put up notices of vacancy for the job of a sales representative. Just like the story of the sower in the Bible; the first applicant never called again after she booked appointment for an interview. The second applicant was 2hours late for the interview and was not interviewed but the third applicant was available and on time, so we proceeded.
While in the interview with my potential employee, we got to the part where we discussed how much she expected to be paid but the manager proposed a certain amount which she faulted, owing that the salary was poor her transportation cost. She had just a WAEC qualification which I didn’t pay mind to because if she was good enough, a certificate wouldn’t mean much. She was asked to contact her friend who informed her about the job opportunity to inquire how much she’s being paid at her place of work.
Already we’ve calculated her transportation cost and was willing to pay her ×3. Two days later, I tried reaching her to know if she changed her mind. Guess what her reply was? I’ve not had airtime. I was forced to ask “who buys you airtime” and her reply was “my mom”.

The second question was; how old are you? She replied 21.

Why do you over labour the willing horse? Your parents would give you everything because they love you but believe you me, you are not doing well.

I told her;

How I started working at the age of 18, what I sacrificed, how patient I was, how much I earned, how I managed and what I did with the money. I didn’t need to ask my parents for money to cut my hair, money to buy airtime or even transport fare to go visit my friends anymore. You deserve this little growth. Your salary might not fetch you so much but I’m sure it can take care of your little needs.

Sow the seeds and wait for the rain. Today i’m the employer today, it could be you tomorrow.
Her next reply was ” I am a girl”.

You’re a girl? I know that already, and so what if you’re a girl?  Who told you females don’t hustle??? 

If you’re a woman and still see yourself as a weaker cell, I don’t think the society  can accommodate you 10years from now, because 60% of the oppression that will come to you will come from persons of  same sex as you.
I’m challenged by the life Oby Ezekwesili, I’ve never learnt a thing about her husband, just her (Oby). If you understand your value as a “girl” you’d never refer to being a girl as a limitation.
The privileges given to females has made most of them weak and that sickens and baffles me. 
I’m an advocate of equal opportunity and privilege for every bring.

In as much as the Igbo tradition and Christianity considers the man as the head of the family, I  think women shouldn’t limit themselves, those . Leadership positions doesn’t make a particular person a better leader than the other leader. 

Coming from a full blooded Igbo son;

If you’re a hustler, why then do you let the days of little beginnings deprive you from witness the glory days that lies ahead? If you want to achieve something, why do you let your gender hinder you?

Just go ahead, Go work for what you crave. No matter how little, start somewhere, start small, dream no small dream because nothing is impossible, starve your distractions and feed your purpose.

You are not a lazy person, you can do better than Bill.


My first WRiTING paycheck! (how you could win too)


Motivation: Ugonna Eronini..

The journey for a reward:

On the evening I returned home from the 2014/2015 academic session, my mom and dad happened to be the ones at home.

I met them full of smiles and joyous, cause they knew and anticipated my home coming from the prestigious Citadel FUTO after being away for months. Their ears inched for every story I had to tell, they couldn’t stop complaining about how malnorished and emaciated I looked all (You know African Parents nao). 

Minutes later, food arrived and they urged me “rie nri, I di ka aziza” (eat food, you look like broom stick) lol8-|.
When the table was cleared off the dishes for dinner,  it became very obvious that everyone expected to hear stories of my struggles, escapades  and tactics.. 
The first statement was: my love for WRITING has grown beyond just “being in-love with words” to putting beautiful words together, making words actions, having more reasons to pounder longer and to motivate. These are to mention but a few of what set me en route for my writing spree. 

I started writing short notes and stories as far back as 2004. Of course I had doubts and I was forced to ask questions: “Will I ever get paid for writing?” Maybe the articles I author aren’t  reward worthy (I thought). Better still, my payment was in heaven lol?
For almost everything I did, I felt satisfied by the little or no payment I received because the payback always came one way or the other. We know, payments could be in various forms :D. 
Considering a payment for writing: For the love of writing, buying books, spending time to read them, my experience put into letters, “yet you handout the message and knowledge for free” someone asked.

Yes, i’m satisfied to have an audience that enjoys every word of my gist, understand me better and see me in a different light. These are one of the little things that kept me encouraged. I have NO REGRETS!!!
But all I ever needed was a drive, I had the fire already. I waited for someone to say Chinua Achebe started just like this, if not even financial push.. but problems don’t solve themselves, do they? 
My Dad had his turn to voice out and what he said was: Did you learn writing from anywhere? Did you take any special classes for them? I replied no and he said keep doing what you do, how you do it, expect little now, for thy days of bountiful yields are coming”.
Let me not bore you with my plenty story jorh.

I wrote my first competitive story about #Emilinks #Door only to realise the rules had been switched, which affected my story. 

On the same day, i wrote another and a brother from nowhere duplicated my story without even changing a single alphabet and posted it for the same #Emilink #Day10 #MyDoorstory contest lol . I wasn’t nominated though :). 

Being bedridden:&  the next day, I couldn’t write a story for #Day11

#Day13!!!!! I wrote a new story, posted it, said my prayers and went to bed 😀 . The next morning being sunday as the mass was over I received a call from my Ugoo who said “Franklin you won! You won!”.  This is the end of “my first writing paycheck” story. 

Competitions?  bring it on, i’m already and ALWAYS. 

Motivated, are you? Check the the next paragraph for my own story and how you could grab you own cash. 

Here is my own story:

Please, tell me this door doesn’t discourage you :$. Well, that’s the door my course rep lives behind. One fateful saturday, I went to pick my textbook from him. on entering I heard overlapped chats and complains and it was about how they were robbed, I took pity on them as I saw their doors. They were worse or the same as that in my photo.

He bitterly complained about how the mosquitoes, loud songs, rodents disturb them and how high their fence was and the how they took turns in checking if the compound gate was locked before going to bed, yet everyone of them was robbed. I asked “if they were securing the compound or the lives in the building?”. I told him about #Emilinksdoors and how sound and security worthy their doors are. I advised, since he was the lodge president, he’s in a better position to agitate for a change of doors, while other tenants join the bid.

I thought he didn’t take hid to my advice o. I was surprised and almost laughed my lungs out when I listened to their testimonies concerning #Emilinks. Not only did the landlord change the doors to #EmilinksDoors , he changed the lodge name from “swagger lodge”, to  #Emilinks villa.

#ClearsThroat #emilinks na you biko :d 

#Emilinks #MyDoorStory

@bellanaijaonline #day13


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• Share a story about the importance of having good kitchens and wardrobes in your home and/or the society.

•We are looking out for creative, interesting, inspiring, intellectual and funny stories!

•Creatively linking in the Emilinks brand will be a plus. The key word is CREATIVE.

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•Enter each day!

 Today is Day 24 Good luck


Sight vs Sound! (Light travels quicker than sound)

​A cricket gives away it’s location by the sellout sounds it makes.

Speaking less has been proven to be one of the first and most effective step to have a set out goal achieved. In times of disputes words promotes violences and cause bloody wars.
Ideas are stolen on a daily violently and most especially non violently (without guns), don’t be too excited that you sell yourself out.

Most times when we rant we tell of how great we can descend, but we also forget we tell the person how much he/she should prepare for our warth and how much fight he/she needs to put up. In my own thoughts, this is why most kings lost their lives, kingdoms and battles.
I read sometime that: God hears our plea, though we find not the words to say. Prayers mustn’t be said out loudly, or don’t you think God actually knows our conceived thoughts, the words we didn’t say or couldn’t say?
I know Mohammad Ali did the contrary; he goes to the house of the boxer he’s to fight in his next match, brags about how he would knock the hell out of him. So doing he ends up making a brother furious, heavy hearted and eager to fight with his whole strength to defeat Ali but that’s when Ali does his “Silence work” in the ring. He dodges blows, gives the “come on” sign and articulates when to sting/strike . Now that’s a well thought plan but this doesn’t work for everyone, cause at the slightest misguided step you’ll receive a heavy punch for the vexation your mouth brought about..

Silence when utilised serves as a great moment for meditation, reading, praying and also time for energy regain…

It’s a common proverb that action sounds louder than voice.

Just like how some private our affairs, plans, thoughts, relationships and dealings should be, I feel it’s cool this way except we’re ready to endanger our little fragile heart lol or we’re ready to take bullets regardless of the smoking gun it came from.. 

Have you ever wondered the actual reason why certain persons are regarded as “silent achievers”?
I thought to myself the reason I killed a cricket last night and I realised not just because I dislike the sound it made, but cause it gave me a sense of direction in finding it, just like the blind attentively follows sounds. That cricket was killed cause it made particular sound and it came from my door post. 

Are crickets even harmful, yet they get killed at sight for their ugly sounds and looks? Imagine how you are perceived for how you talk and what you say.

Most persons, myself inclusive will prefer a mosquito silently insert it’s proboscis to suck blood without making the regular annoying sound it makes in our ears before feasting on us still.
I admire me a lion not just because of it’s obvious beasty strength but how calm and focused it get’s when paying attention to it’s game. He does this and so well cause If he looses, he goes home hungry.

Let your next move be a brand new step.

Let your next words be a well thought one..

Let your next action be a secret weapon.