Sight vs Sound! (Light travels quicker than sound)

​A cricket gives away it’s location by the sellout sounds it makes.

Speaking less has been proven to be one of the first and most effective step to have a set out goal achieved. In times of disputes words promotes violences and cause bloody wars.
Ideas are stolen on a daily violently and most especially non violently (without guns), don’t be too excited that you sell yourself out.

Most times when we rant we tell of how great we can descend, but we also forget we tell the person how much he/she should prepare for our warth and how much fight he/she needs to put up. In my own thoughts, this is why most kings lost their lives, kingdoms and battles.
I read sometime that: God hears our plea, though we find not the words to say. Prayers mustn’t be said out loudly, or don’t you think God actually knows our conceived thoughts, the words we didn’t say or couldn’t say?
I know Mohammad Ali did the contrary; he goes to the house of the boxer he’s to fight in his next match, brags about how he would knock the hell out of him. So doing he ends up making a brother furious, heavy hearted and eager to fight with his whole strength to defeat Ali but that’s when Ali does his “Silence work” in the ring. He dodges blows, gives the “come on” sign and articulates when to sting/strike . Now that’s a well thought plan but this doesn’t work for everyone, cause at the slightest misguided step you’ll receive a heavy punch for the vexation your mouth brought about..

Silence when utilised serves as a great moment for meditation, reading, praying and also time for energy regain…

It’s a common proverb that action sounds louder than voice.

Just like how some private our affairs, plans, thoughts, relationships and dealings should be, I feel it’s cool this way except we’re ready to endanger our little fragile heart lol or we’re ready to take bullets regardless of the smoking gun it came from.. 

Have you ever wondered the actual reason why certain persons are regarded as “silent achievers”?
I thought to myself the reason I killed a cricket last night and I realised not just because I dislike the sound it made, but cause it gave me a sense of direction in finding it, just like the blind attentively follows sounds. That cricket was killed cause it made particular sound and it came from my door post. 

Are crickets even harmful, yet they get killed at sight for their ugly sounds and looks? Imagine how you are perceived for how you talk and what you say.

Most persons, myself inclusive will prefer a mosquito silently insert it’s proboscis to suck blood without making the regular annoying sound it makes in our ears before feasting on us still.
I admire me a lion not just because of it’s obvious beasty strength but how calm and focused it get’s when paying attention to it’s game. He does this and so well cause If he looses, he goes home hungry.

Let your next move be a brand new step.

Let your next words be a well thought one..

Let your next action be a secret weapon.

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