Little Beginnings (Who told you females don’t hustle?)

​​​CC: Uwakwe Martin Mundus.

I decided to fix up a business with little or nothing as capital base in the environs of Federal University Of Technology Owerri, IMO state Nigeria. A citadel I’m currently an undergraduate of.
My manager and I went ahead to put up notices of vacancy for the job of a sales representative. Just like the story of the sower in the Bible; the first applicant never called again after she booked appointment for an interview. The second applicant was 2hours late for the interview and was not interviewed but the third applicant was available and on time, so we proceeded.
While in the interview with my potential employee, we got to the part where we discussed how much she expected to be paid but the manager proposed a certain amount which she faulted, owing that the salary was poor her transportation cost. She had just a WAEC qualification which I didn’t pay mind to because if she was good enough, a certificate wouldn’t mean much. She was asked to contact her friend who informed her about the job opportunity to inquire how much she’s being paid at her place of work.
Already we’ve calculated her transportation cost and was willing to pay her ×3. Two days later, I tried reaching her to know if she changed her mind. Guess what her reply was? I’ve not had airtime. I was forced to ask “who buys you airtime” and her reply was “my mom”.

The second question was; how old are you? She replied 21.

Why do you over labour the willing horse? Your parents would give you everything because they love you but believe you me, you are not doing well.

I told her;

How I started working at the age of 18, what I sacrificed, how patient I was, how much I earned, how I managed and what I did with the money. I didn’t need to ask my parents for money to cut my hair, money to buy airtime or even transport fare to go visit my friends anymore. You deserve this little growth. Your salary might not fetch you so much but I’m sure it can take care of your little needs.

Sow the seeds and wait for the rain. Today i’m the employer today, it could be you tomorrow.
Her next reply was ” I am a girl”.

You’re a girl? I know that already, and so what if you’re a girl?  Who told you females don’t hustle??? 

If you’re a woman and still see yourself as a weaker cell, I don’t think the society  can accommodate you 10years from now, because 60% of the oppression that will come to you will come from persons of  same sex as you.
I’m challenged by the life Oby Ezekwesili, I’ve never learnt a thing about her husband, just her (Oby). If you understand your value as a “girl” you’d never refer to being a girl as a limitation.
The privileges given to females has made most of them weak and that sickens and baffles me. 
I’m an advocate of equal opportunity and privilege for every bring.

In as much as the Igbo tradition and Christianity considers the man as the head of the family, I  think women shouldn’t limit themselves, those . Leadership positions doesn’t make a particular person a better leader than the other leader. 

Coming from a full blooded Igbo son;

If you’re a hustler, why then do you let the days of little beginnings deprive you from witness the glory days that lies ahead? If you want to achieve something, why do you let your gender hinder you?

Just go ahead, Go work for what you crave. No matter how little, start somewhere, start small, dream no small dream because nothing is impossible, starve your distractions and feed your purpose.

You are not a lazy person, you can do better than Bill.


3 thoughts on “Little Beginnings (Who told you females don’t hustle?)

  1. Samuel McDowells

    Thanks for the write up it’s cool and inspirational I love it….But I was thinking it’s gonna direct we the undergraduates on how to actually combine work and also schooling. Then at the being it seemed like you were referring to a work kinda scenerio that someone can partake in …Well I would really love to know the set of let’s say Mini-jobs a student can do along side school… Especially a Student of FUTO …Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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