A Greener Nigeria (A Beautiful Nigeria)

Bury this very flesh of mine in my father’s Land. A land my fathers fought never to give up. A land I can never be a stranger to. A land my children will acknowledge as their git-go.. A land I am willing to make better together with other well meaning citizens… I will NOT have an OKERE become a slave, lost or discriminated against in another man’s country. As a kid I remember reading the novel “Home is home” and it’s lessons I can not forget in a jiffy.

I appreciate the technologies the white man brought, which has made life easier and safer but Rome was not built in a day.

One of the reasons I celebrate our heros past isn’t because of how hard they fought for our common good but to make sure their legacies aren’t forgotten in decades to come.

May the struggle of Heros like General Ojukwu not be in vain, haven been thrown into prison in 1944 at the age of thirteen because he assaulted a white teacher who maltreated a black woman.

May i never forget where I come from, Because life got better.
May I never throw away the good cultures and virtues of my people, because I enjoy the privileges of the western technology, it’s like selling my birthright for a plate of porridge.

It has never been better anywhere, there are bad people amongst us what and it’s our duty to help people change the way they think. Putting them in prison isn’t the best thing to and may never change them and that is where our government has failed, because she focuses on apprehending offenders of the law rather than making our economy better and providing jobs that would keep crimes away from their minds, how about how about facilitating rehabilitation centres and all.

No matter what come may, i will stand toe to toe for a better tomorrow, even if my impact isn’t much felt but at least I tried. We are responsible for cleaning up our own mess, we must become responsible.

We have sacrificed a lot for the Westerners starting from having our fathers in chain on ships and not knowing their fate but guess what, we still run to them for refuge, when we can make home home worthy. It’s time to build and run.

Being BLACK is my identity, i’m never wrong because I was born in a black skin. For I respect every man, women, and children that walks on the surface of the earth, regardless of the colour of their skin and where they hail from. The souls of our fore Fathers will never be at peace if we are subdued and kept shut by little benefit from the whiteman or because we refused to become better as a people. Believe you me, they would never have stopped fighting to make us great, if most of them were alive and strong.

White men aren’t gods and must first respect our beliefs before we can choose to borrow their cultures and beliefs.

If Britain can, so Can Nigeria.
If America is Great, Nigeria can be Greater.

I am OKERE Franklin Olisemeka
I am an Original BLACK man
I am the CHANGE I yearn for.


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