Lies (A Generation Conquered by Lies?)

If the truth seem expensive where you come from, you might want to checkout the price tag for being at PEACE…- Okere Franklin O.

Lies begetting more lies. A fool, fooled all again. Trust, broken. Hearts shattered in pieces and that’s how it goes on and on until the beauty and innocence of our conscience is lost completely.

During my childhood days, I remember reciting these words: “a liar is a thief and a thief is a liar”. As a child our parents never failed to make anyone who told lies recite those lines. It had its own way of shaming and pricking consciences even without being flogged (it was a sort of punishment).

I noticed that quite a number of lies are told out of fear, to cover up shame and let downs, inferiority complex, to escape punishment, to deceive etc..

Dear Mindtalkative, the truth can NEVER be complicated. If tomorrow comes, words may change depending on who tells the story, but the truth in the story remains the truth. Speaking the truth no matter how heavy it weighs in your mouth, at least for the love of God and obedience for the 4th of the 10 Commandments.

I’m no saint but on very frequent occasions, it has preserved my friendship from heading for chaos and embarrassment.

A liar may never be believed even when he tells the truth. I guess you know the story of “The boy who cried wolf” a story by Aesop


If you value what you do, tell the truth.
Because you respect your partner and your relationship, you’d realise that every truth you tell is worth more than your fear and shame. Summon courage, tell the truth. Even when man refuses to forgive you, I’m very sure God understands and will definitely forgive.

Have mercy on this tender and fragile heart of mine, for each lie you tell breaks it. Because i understand each lie you fought not to tell and i respect that.

If you can not tell the truth, choose not to speak at all. Most times, Silence when caught in lies screams out the word REMORSEFUL!!!.

For we are Christ like and every attempt we make is to be like him. His worst lie can NEVER match our very best truth, but we yearn to be like him. We must raise again each time we fall short of his grace.

When your salary is the only reason you work and you find no joy doing your job but you have to stick around doing the zombie routine for 25 working days because you want the monthly pay paycheck but deep down somewhere, you know the truth is that you aren’t adding value, which is the utmost reason you were employed. What if a life is lost or huge amount of money gets missing under your watch?  Well, tell yourself the bitter truth so it doesn’t turn out that sour.
Lot of marriages are long dead because of the falsehood built around them. No matter how tempting the marriage offer is, please work on yourself first.

Apart from being in a state of grace, one of the reasons the Catholic Church, requires it’s faithfuls to attend confessions is to help them recognise and admit their sins. This exercise keeps the conscience working and in check.

I don’t mean to tell you what to do, but there’s need to cut down on the lies.

A good relationship is worth every truth.


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